We Need More Humanity!

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Doughnuts provide humanity in an ever-increasing digital world. I watched Dov Siedman on Charlie Rose last night. He spoke about how hope is at the center of all growth and change. That hope is an essential part of humanity. He observed that hope is what is missing from our digital communications in business today.

Mr. Siedman told a story about 2 competing Doughnut shops. The only meaningful difference between the 2 shops was that one had offered the customers the option of self-service including paying for the doughnuts and making their own change from a tray of cash left out. In the open. Unguarded. This shop with its unconventional service model quickly outpaced the competition 3 to 1.


Mr. Siedman advocated that because this doughnut shop re-established the social contract of trusting his consumers, he gave these consumers hope and they told their friends about this trusting doughnut shop and their friends wanted to feel that trust and the underling hope that is at the foundation of this social contract.

How are you re-establishing your social contracts? How are you building trusts with your customers? How are you selling hope?

At TGG, we love to revitalize brands. We are always looking to re-establish the social contracts. Bring our collective humanity into the mix. Re-establish the trust. Give hope.

Who Knew?!

Posted by Darcy

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One of our employees at TGG is an avid runner and was experiencing a lot of pain from chaffing. Being a new mom I suggested that his symptoms were similar to diaper rash and that he should try using Balmex. Having restaged the brand in 2008 and now using it on my baby I knew if it was gentle enough for a newborn’s skin and couldn’t make his discomfort any worse. He gave it a go and lo and behold it cleared up after only a couple of days! He said he liked that it didn’t have a foul smell and the no mess feature made for a clean and easy application.

Got me to thinking: what are the other unspoken usages of America’s most beloved brands? You’ve heard of old wives tales such as milk taking out a blood stain, peanut butter removing sticker glue, cooking spray drying nail polish, and hemorrhoid cream eliminating puffy under eyes. What other brands do you have other uses for? Like in My Big Fat Greek Wedding whenever anyone has an ailment “Put some Windex”.