The Goldstein Group is a brand identity & design firm that incorporates strategic and analytical technique into its design process to create designs that achieve bottom line results.

Based in New York City and led by industry veteran Terri Goldstein, the TGG team is comprised of a high caliber group of strategic planners, graphic designers, industrial designers, copywriters, name developers, production managers, and Intellectual Property experts. 

From strategic planning, to naming, logotype & brandmark design, package graphics and structural design, TGG makes brand / consumer connections happen because the hierarchy of visual information (colors, shapes, symbols, and words) reflected in its work is recognized in the same sequence the brain processes it. 



TGG knows – Brands built in the sequence of cognition; Colors first, shapes second, symbols third and then words, build memorable brands and instantaneously triggers …
TGG rings in the New Year with a flurry of new brands hitting store shelves: Carmex, The Cold Sore Treatment launched with a New Triplex® …
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How to create seductive packaging that can be seen, felt and understood in 5 seconds or less. Terri is presenting her informative talk – Mind Control …